Mimian the One: "The Mime"

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Mimian the One: "The Mime" Empty Mimian the One: "The Mime"

Post by iiimee12345 on Sun Jun 28, 2015 5:01 am

Long, uncut copper hair, pale freckled skin and light green eyes. She might've had the potential to be beautiful... if she wasn't in rags. This is at least the description school children give her, though sightings of her are often rare, and people often wonder how she survives so long, without anyone to turn to. After being kicked out of her parents house once she turned 21, and is the traditional age for citizens to set off on their own, she was left with nowhere to turn, and being encouraged by everyone around her to beg for food, since she, being a One, was "called" to be a beggar. After six months of countless Changes trying to convert her, relying on Zeros for spare change, and her parents' lack of pity, she couldn't take it. She ran off, seen rarely by the public, and because of this, disappearances and theft were often commonly associated with her. It was assumed she did so much: There was no way the mime could ever return to civilized society.

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