Seth Geist, Lawman of the Air

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Seth Geist, Lawman of the Air Empty Seth Geist, Lawman of the Air

Post by Phinox57 on Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:10 am

There always needs to be that one person. The guy who taps on the loud drunks shoulder and tells him it's time to go home. The one who get's a black eye but sends the other guy home with a broken arm. Seth Geist and his family before him had all been that guy. He stood at a height of 5'11 with smoke colored hair that stood on end and eyes of the darkest grey, looking thru black framed glasses. His skin was light colored but was mostly covered up by a thick leather jacket with red stripes going down the arms and along the back. Upon his chest was a silver badge that let everyone know who and what he was. A pair of dark blue jeans slid down his legs and a pair of black steel toed boots finished off the outfit. From time to time you could catch him wearing black leather gloves that had knuckles that shined in the light, showing the metal covering them. Seth had always been a caring man, never wishing to hurt anyone but always ready to take action when the time was right. He was a man who loved all and hated few. Tho he lived alone Seth never felt the cold steel of emptiness, except on nights when he really could use someone beside him in that bed. He head just turned twenty three and hoped this year would be one to remember.


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Seth Geist, Lawman of the Air Empty Re: Seth Geist, Lawman of the Air

Post by iiimee12345 on Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:16 am

Wow, nice bio! You are free to start RPing, either by starting your own RP, joining somebody else's, or both! However, I suggest you create an account quickly before you continue, since it only takes a few seconds and then you don't have to put in your username all the time. You can just sign in and it's there then. *shrugs* Welcome to the clan bro!

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