What Every Newbie MUST Read! (GUIDE)

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What Every Newbie MUST Read! (GUIDE) Empty What Every Newbie MUST Read! (GUIDE)

Post by iiimee12345 on Sat Jun 27, 2015 5:46 am

This RP takes place in a small micro-nation, founded by Chase a few years ago. Almost all of the site follows the storyline I put in "A Brief History" and the people you create have to have a role in society, though the role doesn't dictate their personality ofc. You can find the roles here: http://www.quotev.com/story/6177354/The-Elemental-Clan/1/ Note that generations does not refer to the age of your character. PM me if you have any questions not answered below!~

A Brief History:
The Elemental Clan was founded by Chase and his men after they successfully decontaminated the land, which had once been ravished by disease. However, in the process, many of the domestic animals died out a few years later. The loneliness of the people grew, as they remembered the animals they had grown up with. Riots started, and so to stop the populace from completely uprising, the majority of Waters and Smokes voted that the Ruins, who were once simple librarians and keepers of history, would become the "pets" of the nation. This, however, did not prevent the nation from growing for a second, and the Fires took on the roles the Ruins once had, in addition to continuing their job, which was to write the books and report the news themselves. Not much else is to be said about the nation, except that it does indeed, continue to grow.


Where Do I Begin?:
The first thing I suggest doing is going to the other thread in this section, "Info About The Clans!" and reading about the roles your character can play in the society there. Remember, even though you, the roleplayer, chooses what job-type your character will have, your character doesn't see things as them having a choice. In their world, their job-type was decided by birth, at least that's usually what happens... You know what? Just to be nice, I'm going to link you guys to the roles guide myself: http://www.quotev.com/story/6177354/The-Elemental-Clan/1/ You can click through the pages to see what role will best fit your character. Remember, generations does NOT actually refer to the age of your individual character, but rather generations refer to the wisdom and esteem those groups of jobs are held to... 1 being held to the most esteem, 4 being the lowest. Now, now, what should you do after you have decided this major thing about your character? Just go to the "Create-A-Character" thread on the Off Topic section of the forums and describe your character there! While it's not required and you can just jump right into making or finding a roleplay if you want, I would suggest posting there first, simply because it is an awesome way to meet people and show off your character. I will tell you my opinion, I promise! Wink

Where Do I Post My Roleplay?:
This all depends on what your roleplay is about. I would advise to try to at least center your roleplay around one of the Forum locations. For example, the Market Place and Abandoned Theatre are great places for beginners, because they don't appeal to any job-type more than another... okay, well maybe Ices have an easier time in the theatre, but still! However, if you have an idea for a roleplay that is either 1. Not on one of the normal RP locations or 2. Not part of the normal roleplay at all (Like, a zombie or wolf RP) you can post it in the Out-Of-Bounds RPing forum, which is in the Off Topic section.

Can I Have Multiple Characters?:
Yes! We encourage creating two or three characters, and while there is no limit with how many characters you can have, I personally would say it's better to have a few good, strongly built characters than multiple characters you use once than throw away.

Can I Post Erotic Material?:
Yes, but you need to put the words "(EROTIC)" in the thread's name, and it has to be in the Out-Of-Bounds RPing, which can be found in the Off Topic section of the forums.

How Does Time Work In The Roleplay?:
Time is not specific in the roleplay(s). This means you could roleplay your character as a teenager, but then in a different roleplay make him a young adult. However, it is suggested you make some connection to the past and present roleplays, like how they ended up where they are, but it is not required. Feel free to use this to your advantage. For example, you could put flashbacks throughout your roleplay if you wish, which I think can often deepen the story. That's just my opinion, of course.

Killing Off Characters?:
You cannot kill off another player's character without their permission. Trying to do so will first result in a warning, and if you insist on trying to ignore the player's wishes and pretend their character is dead, you may be punished anyway me or any moderator sees fit. And yes, that most likely will mean a temporary ban, or permanent if you have been banned many times before.

Fighting and War:
The rules for fighting in the game are simple: Be reasonable. If you expect the other person's character to get injured, you have to have at least a few minor scratches yourself. Who wins the battle is ultimately decided by the players who are fighting. It neither of them want to back down, it's considered their problem, unless they try to do something like killing off the other player's character, which as stated in the previous spoiler, is totally stupid and will NOT be tolerated.

If you are banned- we most likely have a great reason for it. I try to be reasonable with people, but if you break an important rule, like posting erotic material in the wrong area or personally attacking another user, I WILL exercise my power to ban you. In most cases you will be banned for a day- a week if you refuse to chill after a day... but if you do something completely disgusting like sexually harass another user, or use extremely hateful and bigoted words to attack another user, I WILL permanently ban you. I prize the comfort of my roleplayers above anything else, and if you do something to disrupt that, I will have your head... Have a nice day! <3

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