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Post by iiimee12345 on Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:41 am

Adopted by Chase the Water at age 14 after his parents were arrested and sent to the Base for reasons he wasn't told, Symetri tried to improve himself daily, joining the Mathematics club... despite how terrible he was at Math. Now 16, he is an active student, waking up, walking to school at 5:30, arriving at 5:50am, working until 5:pm, then staying for Mathematics until 6pm, getting home at 6:20pm, eating dinner, and getting ready for the next morning at exactly 8pm... He knows, being a Three, it's useless for him to try to improve himself like this, but he can't help it. He's strong, but he's not a fighter... he hopes he never has to join in any war. With dark brown hair, pale skin, and blue eyes, he's quite handsome. His sexuality is unknown, since he seems very shy when being flirted with, and is polite to everyone. His appearance is the envy of his classmates, not only due to his natural looks, but because his adopted father (who's actually too young to have a kid as old as him) makes sure he goes around wearing the best clothes.

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