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Post by Tigger on Tue Mar 24, 2015 4:06 pm


Beatrix, a devious female, stealthy with her work and often out of sight unless called upon. Preferring to do things to the side, a reserved type, when required though this gal will have no problem stepping up and causing major mischief and when that happens things tend to escalate quickly, n' not positively- For the rival target at least! Other than that, she's a delight to talk to if you manage to get her engaged into a conversation. Always in search of drama, never is it a goal to start it yet she will end it.

Appearance wise, Beatrix stands about five-seven, slim yet chunky. Fairly pale skin, and sectoral heterochromia, eye color consisting of a vibrant brown and glassy blue taking up approximately a third of the color on both eyes. Hair resting just beyond shoulder length, dark copper color, coming to a point as it's cut, it's usually always perked up in a bun of some sort. While her attire varies, but usually's fitting pants/shorts, and a variety of T's with the exception all clothing allows quick and stealthy movements.

Apart from all that, Beatrix may also be known as Viatrix to strangers she's yet to trust or just wishes to use. The name allows her get around with out being tracked by those close. Yet, this can change.; She is the wife of Arcadius, and would sell her soul for him. Not at all bothered by his sexuality, it's a pleasure to help him hide what he wishes. As for her deepest feelings and doings, remain locked away in her mind, allowing others to see only what she wishes them to.


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Beatrix the Growth Empty Re: Beatrix the Growth

Post by iiimee12345 on Tue Mar 24, 2015 4:09 pm

Razz Accepted! You can make your own thread, or join an existing one! So, is she in love with Arcadius, or just really cares for him, like in a sisterly manner? :/ Just confused there.

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