Basic Clan Laws (IMPORTANT)

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Basic Clan Laws (IMPORTANT) Empty Basic Clan Laws (IMPORTANT)

Post by iiimee12345 on Tue Mar 24, 2015 4:02 pm

Hey! These laws will be updated often, so be sure to check them out! I will post the laws in categories. Remember, it is not I who changes the laws, but you, the Chosen Fives and Water/Smokes who vote on them!

1. Gay marriage is 100% okay in the Elemental Clans!
2. The "first" spouse is the one you live with. While it is possible to live with more then one of your spouses, you are required to live with your first spouse. First refers to them being the first one you marry.
3. There are no laws restricting how many husbands/wives you can have.
4. The legal age for marriage is 18 in the clans.

1. An adopted child over the age of 10 will continue to learn whatever trait it's biological parents had. A child 10 or under that age must learn the traits of it's adopted parents, along with any child over 10 who does not know who their biological parents are.
2. School days are 6:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, until the student turns 18.

1. Disobedient Zeros may be sent to The Dungeons for a time period, ranging from a week to a month.
2. Zeros start working at age fifteen.
3. Zeros masters are chosen by the highest bidders at auctions, though the bidders may decide what gender Zero they want to bid for.
4. If a disobedient Zero is currently a legal guardian of a child, the child will be taken care of by a adult citizen that shares the child's type.
5. Though they start working at age fifteen, a Zero may continue living with their parents until they turn 21.
6. Citizens may have up to three Zeros.
7. A Zero must be paid at least 40$ a day.
8. A Zero cannot own other Zeros.

Prisoners/The Dungeons:
1. Any criminal destined to be in the dungeons for six months or more may be taken to Base 51928, under the orders of a high-ranking Earth. They will be escorted by Airs to the base, and anyone who tries to spread word of their disappearance will be sent to The Dungeons, the time spent there decided by Airs.
2. Anyone caught with a gun without authorization will spend six months in The Dungeons, along with anyone who helped them. Anyone caught threatening or shooting someone with a gun will spend five-ten years in The Dungeons, and anyone who helped them will spend two years. Both will be made Ones once they are released.
3. Guns may only be carried freely by Airs, high-ranking Times, and in times of war, Threes.
High-ranking Airs may decide how long a criminal spends in The Dungeons based on his crime, but it MUST be within the range the laws say.
4. Rape is not acceptable. Rapists will spend a lifetime in The Dungeons.

1. All citizens may start marrying and working at age 18, but cannot be kicked out of their parent's house until age 21.
2. All laws are susceptible to change, except this one.
3. A single citizen 21 or older must live in the grounds of their generation.
4. A Five cannot make a law by itself; They need two other Fives to agree to the law, before it is passed to the Waters and Smokes, where they vote on if it should become a law or not.
5. The Fives may only make a law every seven days. (REAL-TIME)
6. "Check Day" is the first Sunday of every month. At 2:00am, all doors are mechanically locked shut, so there's no possible way people can get out. One by one, Airs open the doors and see if everyone's there. If somebody is absent, or found outside before your door is unlocked on Check Day, you can face six-eight months in The Dungeons. All businesses are closed on Check Day, and after being checked, citizens enjoy a free day off work, even Zeros.
7. All Airs must report to The Dungeons by midnight on Check Day, so they can get assigned the house they'll be checking.
8. A Fire may NOT slander a specific person's name while writing a petition.
9. Two or Fives do not have to suggest or make the laws Fires or anyone else asks them too, yet at least three Two or Fives must read and comment on any petition made by a Fire, and if they do not agree with the petition, must say why they do not.

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